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Enjoy the comfort of having Air Conditioning in your home this summer.

Keep your home or office cool in summer and warm in winter.

Improved Air Quality Our air conditioners include filters that help purify the air.

The humidity produced by the sea off the Costa Blanca decreases.

You will rest better and be more productive during the day.

Helps protect electronic equipment and other sensitive objects from extreme changes in temperature and humidity.

Control unpleasant odours thanks to the filters included in the air conditioners.

Enjoy our offers from 620€

VAT Included, installation included

What types of Air Conditioners can we install for you?

Split Air Conditioner: Consists of two separate units: an indoor unit that is mounted on the wall and an outdoor unit that is placed outside the building. This type of air conditioner is quieter than window air conditioners and offers greater cooling capacity, making it ideal for cooling several rooms or larger spaces.

Mini Split or Multisplit: Similar to split air conditioning, but with the ability to connect several indoor units to a single outdoor unit. This allows the temperature in several rooms to be controlled independently, making it ideal for homes with different comfort zones.

Ducted air conditioning: These systems are ceiling mounted and are common in commercial buildings, offices and large premises. They provide even distribution of cool air and can be discreetly integrated into the ceiling.

What I should know before choosing an Air Conditioning Machine

Cooling Capacity: Indicates the amount of heat an air conditioner can remove in a specified period, measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units) per hour. It’s important to choose a model with adequate capacity for the size of the room or space you want to cool.

Energy Efficiency: Energy-efficient air conditioners can help reduce energy consumption and operating costs in the long run. Look for models with high energy efficiency ratings, such as those with ENERGY STAR certification.

Noise Level: Considering the noise level produced by the air conditioner is important, especially if it’s going to be installed in a bedroom or other space where noise might be a concern. Models with quiet operation technology are ideal for maintaining a peaceful environment.

Air Filters: Air filters help purify the air by trapping dust particles, pollen, allergens and other pollutants. Look for air conditioners with high-efficiency filters and be sure to keep them clean to ensure healthier indoor air.

Programmable Functions: Programmable functions like timers, energy-saving modes, and programmable temperature settings can help optimize the performance of the air conditioner and reduce energy consumption when maximum cooling isn’t needed.

Remote Control or Wi-Fi: The ability to control the air conditioner remotely via a remote control or through a mobile app can be convenient, especially for adjusting the temperature from the comfort of your couch or even when you’re away from home.

Automatic Defrost: This feature helps prevent ice buildup on the evaporator during operation in high-humidity conditions, improving efficiency and extending the lifespan of the air conditioner.

Design and Style: The design and style of the air conditioner can be important for integrating with the room’s decor. Look for models with an aesthetic design that fits your style preferences.

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