Underfloor heating

Today the most widely used heating system in our homes is the radiator heating system. However, every day is introduced tighter system underfloor heating.
This system, by its great advantages, and massively used across Europe. It is no coincidence that the countries with the highest technology in construction such as Germany and Switzerland over 50% of the buildings are now heated with underfloor heating.
The underfloor heating pipe is embedded in the mortar bed that runs under the entire surface of the room to be heated. That leads hot water pipe (at a low temperature compared to other heating systems) usually produced by a boiler. The water transfers heat to the soil through the pipe and the ground, in turn, transfers the heat to the building environment.
The appearance of crosslinked polyethylene pipes (PEX) has revolutionized the world of underfloor heating (as well as the world of general heating and plumbing).
Thanks to those plastic pipe has been greatly reduced assembly time while optimizing the quality and performance of the installation. Today it is conceivable underfloor heating unused plastic pipe, given its great advantages, both technical and economic, compared to metal pipes.

The budgets for underfloor heating are customized, requiring a previous study of the surface to be heated. Please contact us without compromise.