Ventilation Solutions

Heat Curtains

An Over-Door Heater or Air Curtain gives welcoming warmth to customers. Over-Door heaters project air horizontally into the building interior whilst Air Curtains project air down vertically conserving interior heat by creating a warm air barrier.

Zonal Air Conditioning

Zonal air conditioning gives you the flexibility to control the temperature of different zones in your home or working area. AC Torrevieja offer a wide range of zonal air conditioning solutions. Get in touch to request more information about our services and products.

Extractors and Turbines

Our extraction and turbine products are designed to leave a minimal footprint on your home or work premises, whilst working efficiently to extract stale air from the interior environment. Get in touch for more information regarding these systems.

Heat Recovery

Heat recovery systems can come in a variety of forms, but all involve some form of heat exchanger. This sits in the building, usually in the loft or on the roof, and pipes feed down from it into each room, drawing out the stale air and replacing it with warmed, clean air. Get in touch for more information.