Pre-installation of radiators and heating

We bring you a new job. Also heating as required at this time. Due to inclement weather. Also with the Dana here in Orihuela Costa.

The pre-installation is of a two-storey house, with two closed circuits connected to a Pellet boiler with a 200lt inertia tank.


Thanks to the ultimate full condensing technology, Cares Premium is able to provide up to 35% saving* in gas bill, compared with a 10 years old standard boiler. Compared to 10 years boiler and with adaptation of hydraulic connections. The product by itself ensures a 21% saving.


155 strict quality tests during the whole production process. Tested for 11.000 hours in the hardest working conditions to ensure high reliability over the years. Designed to be more robust and resistant, to last in time.


The new internal layout allows easier and quicker installation and maintenance. With the new LCD Display, using and interacting is immediate and simple


Expression of unique Italian design excellence.