Compact installation of solar panels in Calpe

Today we bring you a work of a new section, we have installed a compact solar panels in Calpe, of the Ariston brand. We remind you that, like heating, a good installation is very important, made by a team of qualified professionals like us.

Why use solar energy?

The installation of photovoltaic panels to obtain electrical energy is an option for which more and more people bet, since as technology advances it offers greater guarantees at more affordable prices, thus shortening the amortization time of the facilities. These are some of its main advantages:

  • It is a clean, renewable, infinite and silent source of energy.
  • It does not consume fuel or generate waste.
  • Possibility of selling excess power.
  • It requires little maintenance.
  • The panels have a long life and resist adverse weather conditions.
  • The panels can be placed on rooftops, industrial roofs … without taking up useful space and without architectural impact.
  • It is an increasingly affordable technology.
  • Subsidies, tax relief …