Covid19 security measures in the installation of air conditioners

In the news about security measures after confinement due to covid-19. We are going to develop two sections. The first on safety measures in the use of our air conditioning systems (Officials of the Ministry of Health that we are going to develop) and secondly, the action measures of the installers recommended by Mitshubishi.

Security measures in the use of our air conditioning systems

The Ministry of Health summarizes in a guide the main security measures against coronavirus. An installation that goes unnoticed and that is very important are ventilation and air conditioning systems.

From the confinement we will have to review and take certain measures regarding our air conditioning and ventilation systems in the premises.

  • Carry out a review of the air conditioning installation before reopening, ensuring that the external air filters are cleaned or replaced if necessary, to maximize ventilation flow. (Technical note: it is recommended to increase the ventilation flow to 12.5 liters / second and person for the capacity of the establishment).
  • Increase as much as possible the ventilation of spaces with outside air. Generally the systems that are used in shops can work taking only outside air. In this case, close the air recirculation as much as possible to ventilate to the maximum with outside air.
  • Set the forced ventilation of outside air (if any) to nominal flow at least 2 hours before the opening time of the store and leave a lower flow 2 hours after the establishment closes. At nights and weekends, do not turn off forced ventilation of outside air (if any). Keep systems running at low flow (whenever possible).
  • Perform natural (regular) ventilation by opening doors and windows as many hours as possible. It is recommended to start natural ventilation one hour before the store opening time and leave it at least one hour after the establishment closes. This action is especially important in premises that do not have air conditioning systems with forced ventilation of outside air.
  • Retail ventilation always refers to the supply of outside air (fresh air). In this sense, ceiling or floor fans should not be put into operation since they only remove the indoor air without providing fresh air.
  • Maintain the ventilation of the toilets permanently: 24 hours / 7 days in operation. Verify the correct operation of the air extraction in the toilets. Do not open windows of the toilets to ensure the correct direction of ventilation.
  • Indicate that the toilets flush with the lid closed
  • In the case of equipment with heat recovery, the rotary recuperators will be stopped and the static recuperators will be checked to minimize leaks.
  • Prioritize ventilation with outside air over comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Over-ventilation can cause drafts and discomfort because the outside temperatures are high. Temperatures of 26-27ºC in cooling mode are admissible in many cases. In those cases where, due to the nature of the product, they require a different temperature range, this will be lowered (for example, butchers, florists, etc.).
  • The corrective maintenance work of the facility will preferably be carried out outside opening hours, taking the appropriate protection measures to avoid contagion by COVID-19.
  • In facilities that support it, it is recommended to install air purification systems such as ultraviolet light.

Measures of action of the installers of Air conditioning

In ACTorrevieja your health and that of your family is the most important. For this reason, we urge you to think about the security against the coronavirus, before installing your new air conditioning. And make sure that the technicians are going to take all the necessary hygiene and precaution measures against infections.

Below we describe certain measures that any air conditioning installer should follow at this time.

  • Maintain the safety distance and use the protection material at all times
  • Daily monitoring of health by technicians, to avoid transmission if they become infected.
  • Use of protective materials: masks, gloves, face shield, shoe cover and hat. And disinfection gels such as hydroalcoholic gel.
  • If it is possible to go to the installation site in different vehicles, if it is not possible to go one behind and one behind the passenger seat, as indicated in the measurements safety and always with the necessary protection.
  • Before entering the house or premises, the technician must make sure to only carry the necessary materials and tools. And do not forget anything, to avoid possible walks and that will not introduce anything unnecessary, that could infect the customer.
  • Before entering you should put on all the disposable recommended protective equipment.
  • During the installation, always keep the safety distance of 1-2 meters and that there are as few people as possible in the installation room.
  • Once the installation has been carried out, the machines and remote controls once tested.
  • After installation, all the material and waste left over from the installation must be collected
  • When leaving the house or premises we will remove the protective equipment . If it is disposable we will throw it in closed bags to the waste container and if we do not proceed to disinfect it properly with the hydroalcoholic gel for later use.