Pellet thermo stove for radiator heating – Cartagena

Today we bring you one of our last jobs this season in heating. The work has been carried out in Cartagena and consists of a pellet thermo-stove for radiator heating. The installation includes a heated towel rail to dry towels after showering.

With this thermo stove we will have all the advantages of the efficiency of a pellet stove and economic savings in its maintenance, and with a low environmental impact. With the convenience of heating the entire house at once, thanks to the installation of radiators throughout the house. We will have a warm house from the entrance to the last room and bathroom. With a reduced expense on pellets that will save us, while we will not stain our house due to its easy cleaning and maintenance system.

Do not miss the photos of this great work, which will leave you wanting that your home next winter is always warm.