Air conditioning equipment maintenance: filter cleaning

With regard to air conditioning equipment, it is essential at this time to carry out maintenance and cleaning measures since, although the spread of the COVID-19 virus through the air at distances greater than one or two meters is considered unlikely, maintaining adequate quality air must be a priority in both homes and workplaces.

If it is usually advisable to clean the filters of the air conditioning equipment every two weeks, in this period of isolation or quarantine in which we find ourselves, we must anticipate and maintain the air conditioning equipment in optimal cleaning conditions, carrying out the necessary maintenance work. to avoid increasing the risk of spreading viruses and bacteria.

Keep in mind that filters, essential elements in ventilation and air conditioning systems, are responsible for retaining dirt from the air that passes through the insufflation and extraction nozzles. Its purpose is, on the one hand, to prevent the various devices and apparatuses that are part of the system from getting dirty and, on the other, to allow contamination from the outside to enter the occupied premises.

To guarantee quality indoor air in our buildings, it is vitally important to incorporate effective, high-quality filters that retain pollutant particles from the outside air.