ECODAN aerothermal technology

We invite you to read this post and discover ECODAN by Mitsubishi, is a comprehensive solution that provides heating, air conditioning and hot water using AEROTHERMAL technology. Ecology, efficiency and savings, the present of the heating world.

And what is aerothermia? Very simple: to use the air of the street as a free source of air conditioning.

  • You will save up to 50% on your electricity bill
  • With ECODAN you use two energy sources, 25% electric light and 75% outside air
  • Utiliza gas R32 limitando el daño a la atmosfera

Forget about traditional heating equipment, polluting and in need of maintenance. With ECODAN you will have, in a single system, heating, hot water and air conditioning. And all with a single control!

And always with a saving in your electricity bill of more than 50%. It may seem that we are talking about the future, but no, ECODAN is already the present. You know, that this winter your temperature rises but not your electricity bill.

And how do you get it? Very easily by using the outside air as a free source for your air conditioning. Of 100% of the energy consumed, 75% comes from the outside air, that is, you only pay 25% of everything you consume. And all this without polluting the environment because it does not require fuel.