EcoForest technical service

Since October 22 we are now the official technical service of EcoForest. Specialized in pellet stoves.

EcoForest has a whole range of products with the pellet as the protagonist. From pellet stoves and pellet boilers that will provide maximum warmth to any space of your choice, to the sale of pellets in fuel format, always in comfortable presentations that combine the best of practicality with performance.

The pellet is a fuel oriented boilers or stoves, consisting of cylinders made by the understanding of chips, chips and sawdust, which are remnants of pruning.

Its entire range of stoves (air, ductile air, water) and pellet boilers are made under rigorous safety standards combined with an aesthetic that perfectly tunes with many environments and spaces, the result is equipment with a long durability that even They can become the centerpiece of your home decoration or any other area.

Ducted Pellet Stoves


Our ductile air pellet stoves allow you to distribute the heat through a series of ducts installed in the house, these pellet stoves are suitable for all those users looking for a clean, natural and very effective heating system to heat the different areas of his living place

Pellet stove (Hydro stove)


The new exchangers for pellet boilers and pellet thermoset designed by Ecoforest, improve the transmission of traditional boilers, increasing the performance and savings of our products, thus achieving greater comfort with lower fuel consumption.

Pellet boilers


The future of pellet boilers is production with efficiency greater than 90% and reduced emissions, such as to guarantee air quality. Some of the Ecoforest pellet boilers have been approved with Class 5, which guarantees compliance with the most demanding European regulations and therefore suitable for commercialization in any European country.