Air Conditioning Installation Giatsu in Torrevieja

With the heat that better investment than an air conditioning, with the temperatures of this week it becomes necessary to cool our houses by means of some system of refrigeration. We are installing numerous splits throughout the province of Alicante.

In this case we present you the installation of a Comfee split in Torrevieja.

Giatsu is a brand with a variety of high performance air conditioning splits, with an excellent design and environmentally friendly. These air conditioning units combine high performance and energy efficiency, so we will have a fresh home, respecting the environment. Its new domestic models offer numerous advantages:

Great installation flexibility

It is characterized by its commitment to R32 gas to provide energy efficiency and respect for the environment. This new refrigerant is more efficient, uses 25% less charge and has a lower global warming potential than its predecessor, producing less environmental impact.

Latest generation compressors

The new compressor reduces consumption and noise during operation. It is designed and thought for a long life in the most extreme conditions. A reliable and efficient component.

DC fans

All the units have direct current fans, another element in the units that guarantees energy saving and efficiency.

Connectivity in the units

Split type units are prepared and ready for their connectivity to the Internet, this gives us control of the equipment from anywhere, in some cases time schedules and even voice control.

Maximum comfort and adaptation

Thanks to the temperature probe of the wireless control, we can configure the reference temperature to be more real for a better control of the unit and the temperature of the room. By keeping the remote control at your side, you will be able to enjoy the temperature you want at all times.

Golden FIN

The GOLDEN FIN coating extends the life of the equipment as it is more resistant to corrosion and oxidation than the usual coatings of condensation batteries. It prevents the reproduction and diffusion of bacteria.