Air Conditioning Installation with Drainage

In ACTorrevieja we do not lag behind and we give you complete solutions. When you contract with us the air-conditioned installation of your home through an air conditioning and heat pump, unless you tell us otherwise, we will install the drainage system. So that you don’t have to empty buckets day after day in summer.

What is the drainage of an air conditioner?

During the operation of an air conditioner, due to condensation (the change of water from vapour to liquid), it generates a certain amount of water inside the appliance that has to be collected or drained.

If the drain is not in the correct condition, it could cause problems such as loss of efficiency, bad smells and leaks inside the appliance, which could even cause the split unit to fail.

Types of air conditioning drains

Window drain

The split unit has a small hole to drain the water generated. It is necessary to use a drip pan or a duct to drain the water outside the house.

Wall drain

Drainage comes out of the split and has to be drained through ducts or pipes, which may require some slope for drainage.

Drainage solution

In any case it is necessary to drain this excess water due to condensation, so a good air conditioning installation will need a drainage system to evacuate this water, without causing incidents and avoiding having to monitor and empty the “bucket” of the air conditioner.

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