Installation of ducted air conditioning: The ideal solution to air-condition your home

When it comes to efficiently and discreetly air-conditioning your home, installing a ducted air conditioner is the perfect choice. In this blog post, you will discover the benefits of this air conditioning system and how it can transform your home comfort experience.

How ducted air conditioning works

Ducted air conditioning is a centralised system that uses a network of ducts hidden in the walls or ceilings of your home to distribute cool air evenly throughout the rooms. The system consists of an outdoor unit, an air handling unit and the ductwork connecting the two units.

Advantages of ducted air conditioning installation

  • Energy efficiency: This system allows you to control the temperature of each room independently, resulting in more efficient energy consumption and greater savings on your electricity bills.
  • Aesthetics: By not requiring visible internal units in the rooms, ducted air conditioning provides a clean, unobtrusive aesthetic, without interfering with the décor of your spaces.
  • Uniform comfort: Thanks to the even distribution of cool air, all areas of your home will enjoy a consistently comfortable temperature, with no hot spots or uncomfortable draughts.
  • Quiet: The main units and the noise generated by the air conditioner are hidden in a specific area, resulting in a quiet and peaceful operation in your living spaces.

Installation process and important considerations

  • Assessment and design: A professional will assess your home to determine the optimal capacity and layout of the system, ensuring that it perfectly suits your needs.
  • Duct installation: Ductwork is carefully installed in walls or ceilings, minimising disruption and visual impact.
  • Air handling unit: An air handling unit will be installed in a suitable area, such as a basement or technical space, from where fresh air will be distributed through the ducts.


Installing a ducted air conditioner is a smart investment for a cool and comfortable environment in your home. Enjoy the energy efficiency, uniform comfort and discreet aesthetics that this system offers. Don’t hesitate to consult professionals in the industry to find the perfect solution and start enjoying an ideal climate in every room of your home.

Remember to hire a professional installer and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure a safe and efficient installation of ducted air conditioning.