How to choose a good pellet cooker

How to choose a good pellet cooker

Power (kW).

This is directly related to the space to be heated, although other aspects such as the insulation of the home, ventilation or the geographical area we are in also play a role. A good approximation for a home with average insulation is to assume 1 kW per 10 square metres.
Power required (kW) = coefficient (kW/m²) x surface area (m²)


This is the time they can run until the pellets are emptied from the pellet tank. It depends on factors such as the intensity or the efficiency of the pellets used.


The higher the efficiency, the more efficient the cooker is and the greater the fuel (pellets) savings. Typically between 85 and 95%.

Extras such as connectivity or silent mode.

The first will allow you to turn it on, turn it off and program it from the application. Thanks to the silent mode it will be possible to regulate or even stop the ventilation to minimise noise.

What type of pellet cooker do I need?

Because it is not the same to need a pellet cooker to heat the whole house as for one room, a large hall or an outdoor space, consider the following types:

Forced-air cookers, the most common. With a coverage of up to 100 square metres (from 4kW), they are interesting for large spaces. With electronic switch-on and switch-off that can be programmed and a fan in charge of distributing the heat in the space where it is located, they allow the intensity of the flame and fan power to be regulated. There is a variation of these, not in operation but in design, called reduced depth, ideal for placing in a place with a particularly narrow architecture, for example a corridor.

Ductable fan heaters are suitable for several rooms. In this case, the turbine blows the hot air either into the room or through ducts to heat different rooms.

Airtight cookers take the air from outside through a tube, so that they do not consume the air in the room. In this sense, they are ideal for bedrooms and for homes with good thermal insulation.

Outdoor cookers. They are designed to withstand moderate weathering and have advantages that simplify installation, such as not needing a flue or electrical connection.

Pellet thermo-stoves or pellet hydro-stoves. They can be installed to replace your boiler by connecting to your radiator circuit or underfloor heating system. In addition, thanks to an exchanger-accumulator, they can be used to heat domestic hot water in the home.

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