How to save energy in your home when winter comes?

Winter is coming and the invoices soar. The heating turned on for hours, the hot water for showering or simply hours more than We spend at home. But there are solutions to save energy and survive these cold months, in this article you We tell what you can do.

Check your rates

The first point for saving energy and money is to check the rates of light and gas . On many occasions, users pay for a consumption that they do not realize because their rates of gas and electricity do not meet your demands. By this, you have to study the consumption and see what rates are the best: discrimination of time, stable, dual … Having that Of course we can compare natural gas rates and those of light to choose the one that offers us the best price, within the modality that we want.

In this same line, Consumers should know that every home has the best gas company or light, that is, the one that offers the best Price to your needs. If you need to look for marketers you can find in this link / . But it is important to understand that it is not about who offers the best prices, but of those that by their characteristics and deals is the cheapest gas company on the market for our supply

Tips to save energy in winter

Then you We give a series of tips to save energy in winter, which You can start applying today:

  • The thermostat must not exceed 21º . According to experts, each degree of more It is between 7% and 10% energy.
  • Insulators thermal . Using carpets in different rooms of the home is a thermal insulator that also serves to decorate.
  • One more step in isolation. However, it may be that your home present significant temperature leaks, in that case you will have to assess whether to take other measures such as strengthening isolation in ceilings, floors, walls …
  • Washing machine and dishwasher . Although this trick we should do throughout the year, it does not hurt to apply it in winter. The washing machine and the Dishwashers can be washed with cold water and require less energy.
  • Cook with the microwave. The oven is one of the most household appliances spend, however, the microwave can do the same (with the grill option) and reduces the electric bill significantly.
  • Light bulbs LED . Natural daylight hours are reduced in winter so The use of lamps in the home is inevitable. For this do not involve a huge expense on the invoice, it is convenient to install LED bulbs throughout the house.
  • Ventilate to first hour. Ventilation is essential in homes, even in the cold months. It is recommended to perform this action at first hour for 10 minutes, when the outside temperature Start climbing

If you want to know more about energy saving in winter, don’t miss this article with tricks to heat your home reducing the use of the heating.

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