Installation of pellet insert in Altea

We present one of our latest works, a pellet insert in Altea. Enjoy the finish in our photos and the warmth that gives a room on;). These Biomass stoves from the Spanish manufacturer Fiberica

Do not miss all the information of this manufacturer on its website and in its facebook. And learn more about all types of pellet biomass stoves.

The biomass pellet is one of the most ecological, caloric and economical fuels.

Biomass is a fuel that has a direct origin from nature, although there are several types that go from wood to fruit bones through the pellet , which is the most used.

When we talk about biomass pellet we make small sawdust cylinders with a diameter of 5-6 mm and a length of 10-25 mm, which are ecologically pressed at high pressure , without using more additives, and distributed in sack.

The pellet can be purchased at any time, since you just have to be careful to keep it in a dry place so that these cylinders do not swell with moisture or water and lose properties.

And the biomass pellet has a great calorific value, produces very little ash-like residue as a result of combustion, generates a minimum level of CO2 that does not contribute to the greenhouse effect, It is easy to store and offers the possibility of application in stoves and boilers, allowing them to work completely automatically.

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