Firewood insert installation – Finestrat

Good this week we have installed a wood stove insert in Finestrat. But why choose an insertable stove and change our open fireplace? Here are the different advantages of an insertable stove over an open fireplace:

First and foremost, it will help us make better use of wood burning, thus saving and taking care of the environment. Because it enhances combustion, creating a better use.

It is about taking advantage of the air flow, when an open fireplace is used, the air in the room serves to fuel the fire, but with the insertable installed the thing works differently, since that by being able to regulate the air intake, the combustion of firewood can be controlled. On the other hand by performing the shot in an optimized way, it manages to prevent heat from escaping outwards, getting it to concentrate inside the stove with which it achieves greater power and multiply the calorific efficiency.

We can also regulate the combustion of the stove, controlling the draft which will allow us to prolong the combustion of the wood. And if we also add a heat recovery system, we can heat the whole house and not a single instance.

Apart from improved performance over an open fireplace. We can highlight the cleanliness and safety it gives us. We will not get smoke in the room and we will not have to worry about possible embers that jump to the ground, causing an accident with open fireplaces.