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Good morning, today’s post is about the installation of an Aduro wood stove with side smoke vent.

Danish-designed Aduro wood stoves

An Aduro wood stove is not just a pretty stove; Aduro stoves are easy to use, offer sustainable combustion and other advantages such as

  • Danish design and technologies
  • Up to 5 years warranty and access to spare parts at aduroshop.com
  • Reduction of firewood consumption with the Aduro-tronic system
  • Smart combustion with the Aduro Smart Response
  • Large cuts at an affordable price thanks to our efficient production and distribution system

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Importance of the good installation of a wood stove

We also want to detail the importance of proper installation of wood stoves or fireplaces. Remember that we deal with devices that can be dangerous if they are improperly installed. And they could put our house and our family at risk. Always look for great professionals in the sector for these facilities. With AC Torrevieja you will always be in the best hands, our minimum is excellence.

Therefore, the importance of always hiring specialists, who do a great qualified and quality work, like us. Anyway, here are some basic rules when installing a wood stove or fireplace:

  1. The straighter the better: The straighter the flue pipe is, the less problems will arise with possible smokes. We recommend a maximum bend of 45º.
  2. The connection: The connection between the smoke outlet of the device and the main duct must be perfect. Avoid strangulation, section changes and also avoid changes of direction. We must facilitate that the fumes go out without difficulty to the outside, for this it will be very important that the connection is completely sealed.
  3. The shot or depression in the chimney: A chimney is recommended independent and unobstructed. In addition, it is very important that the pipe is insulated since in this way the temperature of smoke inside will remain higher and this will contribute to the shot or depression being greater.
  4. The pipe : When you are installed a fireplace or wood stove the pipe that goes to the roof or roof must exceed the gallur of the roof. There should be no obstacles in the smoke outlet at the end of its path.
  5. Air inlet: The device needs air (oxygen) for combustion. If there is no oxygen, there is no combustion. We must always guarantee its entry through a grid or if the device has built-in conduction, make the corresponding connection to the outside. This is a very important issue for the proper functioning of the device. In addition, if we ensure a proper entry of air into the premises, we will also achieve a healthier and purer environment for our health.
  6. Independent smoke vents: The duct chimney will always be independent and will not connect with other conduits connected to other appliances.
  7. Stainless steel: It is recommended that the chimney be built in stainless steel, since its antioxidant properties will make it last for more years and work properly.
  8. Smoke dispersion: To prevent the smoke from spreading it is advisable to use caps with a correct section of passage at the exit. The outlet section must be at least twice that of the pipe.
  9. Prevent the return of smoke: To prevent smoke returns at the outlet of the pipe, there should be no no physical element within a minimum radius of 8 m. Also the hat must be located at a minimum height of one meter above the gallur, the highest part of the roof.

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