Wood stove installation – Orihuela Costa

This week among others we have installed a wood stove in the area of Orihuela Costa. We left it already working, that with the time that the idea was not bad at all;) The installation was done in the living room of a villa in the area. Do not miss the photos and the chimney maintenance tips that we leave below 🙂

How often should I perform chimney maintenance?

It will depend on the amount of use made of it, as well as the firewood with which the fire is prepared. In places where a lot of wet wood is usually found, it is common to hear chimneys cleaned regularly. With this in mind, a periodic check of the chimney will be less necessary if we start using more dry wood.

Wet wood usually brings worse results, as it is the one that intensifies the accumulation of soot and creosote. If you manage to get as far away from wet wood as possible, you can chimneycle wood-burning stoves at least once a year. Otherwise, you should be cleaning your stove every few months, to avoid any impact on health.

And if you were wondering, many experts believe that the best period to perform the maintenance of the stove or fireplace is just before the arrival of winter or the cold seasons. This way you will not have problems with enjoying a good fire and a pleasant heat in these times.

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