Pellet heater installation in Torrevieja

From AC Torrevieja we show you the installation of a pellet heater in Torrevieja made recently. The installation of this type of cooker is a safe bet to keep the house warm during the cold months.

Pellet heater or pellet fireplaces are heat generators that use pressed wood pellets for combustion inside a closed chamber, emitting a pleasant heat to the room with a renewable energy source such as biomass in the form of pellets.

Why is it a good time to install pellets?

Undoubtedly, now is the ideal time to install pellet heaters in the Torrevieja area and the Mediterranean in general. This is because there are still a few days of pleasant temperatures, so it is not necessary that our heater is already in operation and there is more availability of installers than during the colder months when everyone wants to install them.

In addition, the installation of a pellet cooker is economical in terms of electricity consumption, as the most electricity is consumed when the fireplace is lit, when the burner resistance is turned on, which is kept on for about 15 minutes until the pellet is ignited. The heat is generated only with the combustion of the pellets, not with electricity, which is necessary for the operation of the cooker’s elements such as: the fans, the worm screw for loading the pellets or the electronic regulation controls, such as the display screen. But all these operations consume very little energy.

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