Insert Wood Stove Installation – Torrevieja

Our last job was in Torrevieja, where we installed a wood burning stove in the old fireplace of the house. Then we develop the concept of insert stove and its advantages, do not miss it.

Wood inserts

The wood inserts & nbsp; also called firewood cassettes or heat recuperators, are an evolution of the classic open homes. They arise from the need to get devices that heat more, have more performance and less consumption. In addition, if you have an old fireplace, with an insertable you will be able to give it life, take advantage of all its advantages and give a modern touch to that corner you had forgotten.

Advantages of an insertable

The inserts are embedded in all open fireplaces so that you can reuse your old wood-burning fireplace and, in addition, ensure that the chimney’s performance is five times higher, in relation to the amount of energy it produces and the amount of energy consumed Not only that, putting an insertable in your open home allows you to limit the risks of fires and poisoning from excess carbon monoxide in the air, so they are also much safer. If we talk about cleaning, it is also more convenient to bet on an insertable as it retains the ashes and avoids having to clean the chimney continuously. If you want something cheaper than your current open home or you want to install a new wood insert, these devices are a good choice as they save fuel by consuming fuelwood efficiently.

Considerations before installing an insertable

When installing an insertable it is important to take into account, on the one hand, the size of the hole that has the lining of your chimney since it is where the insertable will be placed, and, on the other hand, respect the distances of safety to the sides, rear and front of the device so that the convection air can travel without difficulty inside the lining. Previously we will have opened input sections (below) and output section (upper part). Our instruction manual indicates exactly how this coating should be done in each case.

In addition, if you don’t have a chimney lining, you will have to adapt a smoke outlet.

Choose the one you like the most

You can choose between inserts of all models, sizes, powers and finishes, so that wherever you want to put it, its diversity will allow you to choose the insert that you like the most.

In summary, an insertable comes out very well for your pocket, since with less fuel you can manage to heat large spaces, and for the environment, since its emissions are minimal. In Lacunza , we have different inserts for you to choose the one that best suits to your needs always with the biggest energy ratings. We offer wood inserts with unbeatable benefits to transform your fireplace into a powerful heating system.