Installation of a Panasonic duct machine

Recently, our team of professionals of AC Torrevieja, has installed a Panasonic machine for ducts. For those who do not know this application of machines, we explain it to you.

It is a very important air conditioning system to take into account when what is intended is to air condition a house or premises completely with a single device. In addition, it allows us to have a uniform temperature in all the rooms.

Ducted air conditioning machines consist of an outdoor machine and an indoor unit that is embedded above the false ceiling. In this way it is protected and does not damage the aesthetics of the house. It is never visible to the naked eye. From here, above the ceiling, there will be a series of channelled ducts that are distributed throughout the different rooms, which distribute the air conditioning evenly.

In each room there is a grille through which the air is expelled, as well as other grilles known as “return grilles”, which is where the ducted air conditioning system collects the air for correct air circulation.

It must be taken into account that all ducted air conditioning units include a control knob that acts as a thermostat. This is usually placed somewhere in the centre of the home, which is where we control the ducted machine and set the temperature.


  • It is one of the best options if we want to air-condition the whole house, or if we have more than one room to air-condition, in a centralised way.
  • Unlike split air conditioners, ducted air conditioners are not visible in our home, so we will gain a lot aesthetically.
  • By having the internal unit recessed above the bathroom ceiling, we gain a lot of comfort in terms of acoustic level. From the rooms it is practically imperceptible, unlike split air conditioners, which although they are quite quiet, you are usually aware of their presence.
  • Energy saving. By having a single air conditioning unit to air-condition the whole house, the energy saving is considerable. Ducted air conditioners have excellent performance and high energy efficiency.
  • Ducted air conditioners have the possibility of being able to place a thermostat in each room, and thus be able to set different individual temperatures by zones, we can even close grilles in the rooms that we do not want to air condition and thus distribute the air at our convenience.
  • Unlike other systems, ducted air conditioners meet the needs both in winter and summer, getting with only one air conditioning equipment, air conditioning our home for the whole year, offering a complete solution.