Wood burning cooker – Orihuela Costa

It’s already very cold! And we do not stop installing wood and pellet cookers, we always talk about the pellet for its economic and ecological side. But not everyone can resist the charm of a traditional wood cooker. With its smell of burnt wood and its charm.

Maintenance of wood-burning cookers

Proper cleaning of the cooker

The first thing that seems very obvious is to clean the ashes that are deposited after use, but it is not necessary to clean them thoroughly, or even always remove them all, as the ash is insulating and will protect the base of our cooker so that it will last many more years as new.

It is also important to remember to remove the ash when all the embers are well extinguished, to avoid possible fires.

Cleaning the glass

If the glass is covered with soot, we recommend a simple, effective and economical method:

  • Moisten a crumpled sheet of newspaper and smear it on the ash residue from the wood cooker.
  • Rub the paper against the glass on the side soaked in ash. Repeat this operation as many times as necessary to remove all the soot.
  • Finally, dry with clean paper to remove any soot that is now loose.

This method is good for the environment, uses no chemicals, is effective and inexpensive.

Maintenance of the chimney flue

A clean chimney and flue are important to achieve an environmentally friendly clean combustion, and are a guarantee of safety to avoid a possible soot fire in the chimney with its associated fire risks. It is therefore recommended that the chimney be swept at least once every four years.

Maintenance of the cooker

Interior parts wear out with use, and should be replaced over time. It is therefore advisable to call in a specialist for an annual check-up to avoid major problems.