Pellet cooker installation in San Pedro del Pinatar

Our AC Torrevieja team sends us a new installation in San Pedro del Pinatar. This time it is a pellet cooker, ideal to acclimatise the house in winter without spending too much.

With the arrival of winter, more and more customers are looking for more efficient heating than hot/cold appliances which, although they work well, can never be comparable in terms of heating to a good cooker such as a pellet cooker.

How do pellet cookers provide heat?

Pellet cookers provide heat in 2 different ways:

– By radiation: Due to the flame that is generated by the flame when the pellet burns.
– By convection: through a fan that drives the hot air into the room, making it heat up faster.

These cookers also need a smoke outlet. This is because it uses oxygen from the room itself for combustion, but this is then transformed into smoke that must be expelled to the outside through the chimney.

What do I have to do with the pellet cooker?

The truth is that a pellet cooker does not require too much care, we simply have to remove the ashtray where the fuel ashes are, shake it and brush it. We can also choose to vacuum the ashes if necessary. In addition, cleaning the glass is very simple, and allows us to obtain a better performance from the appliance.

To start it up, all you have to do is have it plugged into the mains and fill the pellet tank and follow the instructions of each appliance for its operation. It is not a very complicated process.

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