Pellet cooker installation

From AC Torrevieja we bring you once again, a pellet cooker installation. Why do we do so many pellet cooker installations? It is easy, on the one hand they are fully automatic and very clean and hygienic, as we only have to vacuum the ash produced and we can use it again. You can easily program and control the intensity of the stove, to have an ideal temperature in the room. In addition there is the super economical price of pellets compared to firewood. It is more economical and its calorific value is higher, so we will save a lot of money compared to a wood cooker or fireplace.

Pellet cookers or pellet fireplaces are heat generators that use pressed wood pellets for combustion inside a closed chamber, emitting a pleasant heat to the room with a renewable energy source such as biomass in the form of pellets.

Why is it a good time to install pellets?

As we have seen in the last week, winter is knocking at the door, we have already had the first days of intense cold. So it is good to think about installing a cooker or a heating system, if we don’t have it at home yet.

Moreover, as we have already mentioned, it is a very economical type of heating due to its low cost and the great calorific power it provides. And it is ecological, being a biomass it is produced in a very respectful way with the environment. With remains of wood and sawdust that are pressed with natural resins. With which we get that cleanliness and calorific power that make the Pellet an exceptional fuel.

In addition, the installation of a pellet cooker is economical in terms of electricity consumption, as the most electricity is consumed when the chimney is lit, when the burner resistance is turned on, which is kept on for about 15 minutes until the pellet is ignited. The heat is generated only with the combustion of the pellets, not with electricity, which is necessary for the operation of the cooker’s elements such as: the fans, the worm screw for loading the pellets or the electronic regulation controls, such as the display screen. But all these operations consume very little energy.